Somethings don’t change. People need jobs and employers need employees who can fill the positions because they are qualified, fit in to the company culture and are in the zone pay grade-wise. It seems so simple, but its not as easy anymore. You would think with a shrinking skilled labor force, employers would be more accommodating but they are not willing to give up the quest for the perfect fit so easily. They would rather not fill a job than fill it poorly. What can the candidates do? Look at the sum of their skills and seek to improve their own skills to meet the evolving requirements of the employers. New technologies are always emerging, and those who stay current and fresh will have an edge. If you stay complacent and don’t learn new technologies, you will find it increasingly harder to get new positions. So make it a goal in 2015 to learn something new, it will be stimulating and make you more employable.

We wish you great success in 2015!

The CleverTerra Team

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